Aileen Wang

Mother Of Two

About Me

Hi I am Aileen. I live in Austin Texas with my two wonderful children. Like all women and especially as a single mother, I play multiple roles each day - kids, job, household... all while making financial planning work for today and tomorrow.

My life has dramatically changed over time. I experienced the time of putting food on table was the primary goal to being able to build plan to reach my financial goals.

I have been investing in the stock market for two decades and have been through all the ranges of financial planning approaches that most investors use: financial statement analysis, pro forma, earnings, industry news, government policy impacts, you name it. The complication of investment approach is exhausting with limited return. Over time with my experience and dedication, I formed simple approach that helped my wealth. People who created complicated investment vehicles that no one can understand, the chances are the creators are the only one who will benefit from them. Keep it simple and making sense are important to your wealth building.

This blog is for all women, of different ages and different life stages. My goal is to help women become more financially independent, thus having more confidence in handling finances and other life prospects.

My free personal planner is a great start to get your life on track. No matter what priorities on your list, this planner will help to address all corners while having fun to plan.

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Building Wealth Can Be Simple

My Approach in building wealth

I believe personal finance is not complicated, but it does require mentality readiness. You can certainly be wealthy if you put your mind to it and are willing to dedicate to it. I will show you to find that inner you with strong ability and show you the ways to lead to financial freedom.

Here is one example of how to breakdown “complicated” stock market as investment tools. Many articles will show you what you should look at when picking up a stock. This website will show you specific stock selections that you can choose from.

After a circle of trying all of the techniques (with exhausting effort and time involved), my return was only on par with market return. I started realizing all the factors surrounding stock behaviors eventually boiled down to the personality. Just like any of us, we tend to have very similar decision-making processes in our lives. We learn and change our methodologies from time to time, but not each day.  All other factors are just going to boost what will happen, but not the reasons why they happen. You see sometimes good news triggers a downtrend and a bad earning report can boost a stock uptrend, because news is not the reason of the stock correction, the personality determines the correction.

Since I changed my approach a few years ago, the return on my portfolio has multiplied. The more I applied my approach, the higher the confidence I had. And the simplicity and flexibility of this approach fit into my busy life. My overall performance has more than tripled. Today I want to share my thoughts and your thoughts with millions women out there to be together confident of building our lives and wealth.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. The content on this site is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. Please use information with caution before making decisions based on the information you see here.

Does being a mom affect my view of being an investor?

Significantly! I have gone through a time where I was not afraid to lose because I could always restart if I made a mistake. However, being a mom makes me less risk tolerant and more focused on financial growth. It also has taught me to learn how to prioritize and have balance so as to not lose quality time, but also to work hard enough to provide a quality life. Being a mother helps me to connect with other women and discover their mentality in managing finances.