5 ways of going on a vacation without breaking the bank:

One of the routines that I have set in my life is to take my children to vacations regularly. We would try to go twice a year vacation. It helps me to unwind from busy work and put me to a time and location where I can focus on spending time with my kids.


Vacation is nice, but can be expensive. Some people would give up the thoughts of vacation due to the spend assumed on it. Here are 5 things that can help to go on an ideal vacation without breaking your bank:


Time or season: spring break or summer are peak seasons that hotel and airfare can be twice high. Try the early morning or late night flights can really make a difference. I also plan mini vacation that starts Friday evening to Sunday evening during school year, which makes significant savings.

Location: there are locations more expensive in certain time of the year. Watch the peak season for location and choose alternatives. If you would like to take kids for ski, typically Christmas time hotel is cheaper comparing to spring break time.

Group sharing: several benefits come along when you have make a group travel. Your kids can be making friends and you can have more adult conversations. Best of all, if you are willing to be sharing, expense can be significantly lower through car and hotel room share.

Camping: we know camping is a different category comparing to resort like vacations, but research has found that children actually enjoy camping as much as other expensive trips. It is an unique and financially affordable option that can enrich your life.

Search deals and use points: There are selections available to find a hotel on different websites. Groupon offers very easy booking and discounted hotel. Hotel app provides you with late booking options. Using your points especially during the time of promotion. You will be surprised how great a deal can be sometimes.