Two powerful success factors, do you have them?

Women in the world today, no matter what specific position they hold, receive much advise as to the best way to get ahead. To me it boils down as simple as what 1963 Pulitzer winner William Longgood said: Dream and Dedication are a powerful combination. Here is why I believe it should be as simple as Dream and Dedication.

Dream takes you to a positive mindset
We heard people saying, “I don’t have good genes”, “I am just naturally not good at some things” etc.  The right mindset provides the foundation for your passion and dream. If your mind tells you that success will never come to you, the chances are it won’t. When you dare to dream, your positive mindset subconsciously tells you that you can get there. There were study done that your brain can change and reorganize itself, meaning your mindset can change. The more you dream, the more you control your mindset and decide decide where you want your mindset to be.

Dream brings the curiosity
Curiosity has increasingly become a top priority in today’s recruiting process at workplace. It is no longer about what your skill can make you do, rather it is about where you can lead your work to. Curiosity is the fuel of change and innovation. Dream fertilizes your curiosity. Dream is the source of those little sparks that lead you to find out more of what you don’t know. Dream drives the desire inside of you of knowing more and learning more. It leads us down to a new path and bring in our creativity.

Dedication makes dreams come true
So now you have your dream and right mindset and curiosity, is it enough? No dreams and ideas matter anything if you don’t execute. Dedication is that hard work with smart execution. Whatever you want to accomplish, if you want the best of best and be successful at what you do, it is going to take hard work. No matter what your goal is in your life, be rich or famous, you are going to work at it. Living in your comfort zone does not bring that extra mile your life can go to. Learn the things that you know little about, lift that extra weight in the gym, go talk to people who are not in the same circle can bring that new experience to your life. If you constantly day after day live in your comfort zone, your life will stay at where it is, if not getting worse.

Just by hard working is also not enough. Be productive and smart at the way you execute will lead you to the success a lot faster. It means you need strong support from people around you, your team, your family etc. Dedication energizes everything and everyone around you including your supporting team. The energy it brings grows mindset to a positive direction and motivates hard working attitude.

So here you have it, the most important formula to success. Dream freely and dedicate yourself to realize that dream. Success will be here before you know it.