women discussing future and impacts in your finance

International Monetary Fund Lagarde sit down with yahoo finance discussing women roles in financial sector. There are 20% finance sector board members, 2% finance sector CEOs are women, much lower than women percentage of graduate schools. There are so much we need to do to help women talent to be shown and financial sectors should leverage women leaders to connect with clients. It is hard to add other categories on top of being women, i.e. race, color etc. There are more programs being developed to support women in finance. I am also hoping this blog can bring some awareness.


Clip also shows Mary Erdoes discussing how not to trace the market for up and down by aiming long term investment. She argues that there are data shown if you chase market volatility, your have less chance of making great return. I don’t think I am in agreement with this. If you happen to investment at market peak, I think you should time the market and avoid the big loss, because chances are your best return after years of waiting is going to be low.

Another point that Erdoes made was to see if you are comfortable in investing international equity market. I am in full agreement with it. International equity growth is a undeniable place you want some of your money to be at. To get comfortable with it, you want to pay attention to some top trends and news so that you know which sector you are interested and see the future growth. Many of us don’t invest in international funds, not because we don’t like it, but because it is not familiar.

In this blog, I would like to introduce the equity names that are in great industry and market potential and also easy to understand. Hope it will help to bridge that comfort zone.

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