Should you learn to budget or invest? which way will bring more money to your bank and live life?

Track your spend and budget - are you feeling stressed by even thinking of this?

Each day there are flood of articles and blogs on all social media platforms to teach you how to budget your life, ways to save money, or how not to spend money at all except for necessities. While I think it is an approach to help you to save, especially when your income stream has not been established, I have been the investment, growing your bank type, or in another word, I believe in growing your income is more important than saving. Here are a few reasons:

  • It is tedious to budget and track your life to the penny and you won’t do it well if you hate it

  • A lot of call to actions in savings are come down to “know your spend” by recording them line by line and then budget them line by line. Track your spend day to day so that you are conscious of your income and spend.

But let’s face it, it is not something we enjoy. It is work and it is tedious. Most people are not good at being disciplined to the small details in life. There is a saying in Chinese: “if you don’t have a will, you creates many tedious and short sighted plans that you can’t follow; if you have a will, you create long term plans that you can aim to achieve.” When we add so much work and by so closely exam your life spend, you will start wondering if you will ever control yourself and stick to a plan. This is not because you are over-spending, it is because you are setting a plan that meant to be failed.

We recognize that life happens, there will be occasions that we have unexpected friends visiting and spend a few un-planned dollars on couple of beers or glasses of wine, a work trip came up that allowed us to visit one more place that we have not been to, but costs us some bucks to get a souvenir. However, by the time we track our spend, we started feeling guilty and out of control, which eventually we think that this is the reason we are not putting our financial ducks in a row and we are not in a place we want to be.

  • It does not allow us to live our life to full and creates regret to build memories, which is the ultimate goal of life.

I personally recognize that I am not good at tracking my spend and don’t also want to do it so that I can avoid feeling I am useless in money management. I also believe in “creating memories in life” is far more important than saving a few dollars here or there. Yes, I spent money on things I could have said no to, but it gave me convenience and joy and memories, which allows me to feel fuller in my life experience and not to regret that time has passed by and I still have not had time to visit places with my kids.

This blog I created “simple wealth for women” is exactly holding my philosophy of “creating and growing your income to allow you to feel financially confident and live life”. I am not praising of chasing after materialist and spend out of whack for appearance etc. I know if you are into being financially independent and holding yourself responsible for not getting where you want to be, you are good enough to distinguish the difference already.

  • You can spend the same energy and effort to create a bigger future

I enjoy to spend my energy on where I can create wealth. I read a bit more info and do a bit more research on investment, watch my portfolio a bit more closer, exchange point of views with my blog readers, study one of trend on the stock I think could be a good investment, or even writing this blog as I am typing it. I know I am one step closer to where I think I deserve by putting in my hustle somewhere that is unlimited for the future.

Saving can be very helpful while you have no other options, but we all know “no options” is not correct. There are always options in today’s financial markets, social media available network. Saving has a limit. Even if you don’t spend, there is limited money you can save. Building wealth and exploring options especially to those places where you are unique and can have an opportunity to show your talent, your future is unlimited. I believe in use your advantages, but hard working is also behind of every achievement we want to make, unless you are born with a golden spoon. Put your hard work to the places where you can grow to a much bigger goal than your savings can allow you. If you are willing, you will get there, because you will success since most people will give up before you do.

Simple Wealth For Women is a blogging website focusing on financial discussions. I help women to crush debt, learn how to invest and make more money. I show you simple approach and provide you with specific ideas to help you get to financial freedom and build an amazing life.