Should you sell or hold your investment in this market? Decision can be simpler than you think

It is true that most people don’t necessarily check into their portfolio, either it is 401K investment, or a trading account due to the passive income nature it normally represents in our lives. The volatility of stock market in the past couple of months, however, makes many of us wonder if there should action taken to your investment. This could mean downsizing your investment, or if you see this market movement as an opportunity, scaling your investment to next level.

Growth in investment is to leverage your existing capital on investment tools that yield the highest return. How to leverage the existing resource is a decision you make every day, regardless keeping it as cash for liquidity purpose in a bank, investing in longer term assets such as a house or in stock market that brings expected returns. Each decision is normally considered as the best under each circumstance with available options.

I am stressing that if you decide not to do anything, neither sell nor buy, to your investment, is also a decision to your investment. It is a decision of not participating in opportunities.

Many times when we decide not to participate, it is because we perceive the process of making a decision to act on it is complicated. It does not have to be and can be simple. Don’t be intimated by all the news and opinions. The reason is simple. People interpret the same facts in many ways, so they don’t sum to a better interpretation or assumption comparing to the case if you just simply ignore them. Always judge your decision by looking into opportunity cost it represents. Opportunity and time are our best friends in investment. Paying attention is a path to get you financial benefit. If you are intimated by the market, look into those steady long term growth stocks i.e. Microsoft. My believe is that you can find those stocks that are promising to the future performance. If you are willing to spend a bit more time and research, you will find this is a time of opportunity due to many highly heavily discounted stocks by overall sentiment to the market in December fall down.

Microsoft (MSFT), the new peak performance that suffered the least impact from December sell-off, is probably the most representative stock for a steady return with trustworthy future. Its ever-inventing and expanding in technology end to end market is undeniable. Despite of more than 40 years founding, Microsoft’s legacy products office and operating system is still leading products in its field. It is the only company that truly builds its full spectrum solutions to all segment of customers regardless it is consumer or large enterprise. Its most recent news-worth Hololens 2 marks another effort that Microsoft will not give up anything in this evolving world including Virtue Reality.

There is no doubt that if you are looking for steady investment, Microsoft can be your great bet. The great legacy coupled with not sitting on old success culture makes it a great winner. Look at long term and simplify your strategy can go a long way in your investment.

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