How your income can help depression, domestic violence in addition to finances

When I started my blog, my goal was to help women to gain confidence in managing their finance. Many people thinks that finance is about having money to be able to afford materials. Financial independence can bring so much more than being able to buy stuff and raise your family. It help women to find inner strength, trust and believe their ability of making decisions in life.

A recent study by Princeton University shows that to have a basic income could “ease difficulties and strife they might experience in relationships with other people.” The professors in this study found that the extra steady income significantly lowers the domestic violence rate by as much as 51% when comparing two control groups included in the study. It also found that depression is correlated to the income women bring into the household.

While the study focused on the difference to abuse that women received, it also conducted the study on men. Violence rates did not significantly alter when men received cash transfers.

The hypothesis is that men uses violence to compensate the resources that women provides. Steady income fulfilled that resources and men don’t feel the need of this resource. In contrast, women don’t view money as a replacement of resource needs from men. the extra income did not bring the impact to violence behavior.

I found this study to be very compelling. While we believe there is a subtle messages that income from women is more than just financials, we did not have a strong proof in the past. Stronger financials gains stronger confidence and brings more balanced life style and priorities that are more in line with your belief.

Now many of you might ask, how we can create more wealth and really live our lives the way we deserve to. It is my mission to help you through that and believe that your dedication and resilience will generate the results that brightens life perspectives. It does take some work, discussions, study and consistency, but it will pay off very quickly. It is absolutely achievable and attainable.

Throughout decades of understanding financials, the simplicity is the key for us to know. It is not, and should not be complicated. Complication is man-made to confuse you and scare you. Creating wealth is simple and common sense based. Every one of us has something we can build upon to. Let’s do it together.