Why i love Weibo (NASDAQ: WB) to be a great investment for your money and wealth

With the uncertainty increase in U.S. market, to diversify with global equity especially emerging market where strong growth resides. For all the choices we have, I have always had Weibo on my watch list to be a great part of investment portfolio. Here are a few reasons as to why I love Weibo to be a great investment for your money:

Weibo combined twitter, Instagram and Facebook while created a simple, fun and monetized platfrom that drives financial success. Social media platforms in the U.S. typically make very careful moves to balance user experience and monetization. Weibo’s simplicity and media rich features allow it to be in the best position to gain financially.

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It is largest social media specialist with distinguished features comparing to all other social media platforms. Even though it is talked about as “twitter of China”, it has many features that Twitter is lacking for especially from monetization perspective. I would actually think it combines best features of all major platforms with simplicity in mind.

Its format and media involvement in Weibo is the biggest feature difference to drive user friendly and fun sensation, see below for an example of Weibo posting. It sets higher standard to other platforms.

  • Weibo allows users to watch video while staying at the page (Facebook adopts this now as well).

  • For enterprise benefit, Weibo allows polls to be optional for users that allow the polls to target more accurately to its customers for more accuracy of the polls.

  • Weibo sorts out the feedbacks and comments on products and topics in an streamlined and “easy to track” fashion that allows Enterprises to track on them much faster to leverage.

  • Other social media platforms starting to copy Weibo business model. Recently Facebook announced that it will start applying Weibo business model to strengthen its financial gain. The news helped Facebook stock to soar immediately as investors welcoming strategy.


Now let’s look at why it can be a great investment.

  • Trade war proof: Trade war will inevitably impacts global enconomy. The news of trade war has brought negativity in all Chinese products and services regardless if it will fundamentally impact. Weibo targets Chinese audience that is very much 1B population focused platform. The trade war brought down the stock price that actually allowed it to consolidate at the bottom in preparation of re-launch. It reported fourth-quarter results on March 5 and posted 28% sales growth while holding its profit margins steady.

  • Technical support. Weibo has spent quite some time in the past months to consolidate its position. I believe it builds up very strong foundation for its next phase of performance.


When we think of the choices of an investment, it should be simple and easy to understand. There tend to be many noise in an investment world. Stay to its core information. If the strategy of a company or a fund is so complicated that you don’t understand, chances are no customers understand that will drive no demand. I choose Weibo as my recommendation because it is fun, easy and simple for both users and enterprise monetization.

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