Do you want to get wealthy and reach to financial freedom?

When we see someone wealthy or heard a news on lottery winner, do you wish you have the same luck? Have you pictured what would you do with your money if you are wealthy?

When thinking of wealth, typically many tangible things running through our minds like, bigger house, better car, education or even quitting jobs you don’t like and start something you feel are born to. Let’s say we can do all of these, are we content about life or we still think there are more values we want to add to life?

In another word, do you really know why we want to grow wealth? Or even further, do you know where you want your life to be? Your value in life desired determines how you should plan financially.

When I set up my blogging website, I had two motivations, one is to provide myself with extra incomes, the other is to help women to be financial independent and enjoy financial freedom by taking steps including maximizing active incomes and building a system to generate passive incomes. I want to bring my audience closer to the investment vehicles through education and feel more comfortable about investment by introducing simpler logic that makes sense.

I am genuinely happy with what I am doing to this blog. I read a lot of other bloggers experiences and journeys that lead them to their success. There are lot of tears and laughs along the way. It prompts me to this article, what do we want in our lives financially, why you want to reach financial freedom? If you are wealthy, what do you do to your money?

What you want financially sets your goal and build to your motivation.

When we combine goals and values, we get vision. A vision is like a lighting tower. It guides our actions and our plans to where we want to be. Therefore, a clear and though out vision of where you want to get financially, and how that relates to your personal values, is absolutely powerful.

Many of us growing up with a mentality to be in a great school and great GPA that will land us a great job with great pay. We believe that everything we do in daily motion already help driving to the goal of being rich. But are those what you really want in life? Are your actions in line with your value of life? Are you happily working on the paycheck and it is miserable and the only reason you do it is because of money?

There are very few moments we pause and think, what do I want in life and what that life goals mean from financial perspectives. To understand and set vision is is easier to say than do. To sit down for an hour and ask yourself your long term vision and then comparing to your daily motions are quite often skipped or abbreviated, because authenticity values discovery and goal-setting can be challenging.

However, the clarity and resulting motivation that come with being able to articulate our authentic values and goals can be life-changing.

Here is where I want to be financially in my life:

1. I want to make life decisions because I believe in it and want to do it, not because of money

It is not uncommon that many of us made decisions not because we want them, but for the sake of getting by financially. For example, many people stuck in jobs that they don’t feel passionate about, however, we stay anyway because “we need to pay the bills”. There are calling from both side, one ask for quit to work on the dream that you want, the other believes that it is our responsibility to sometimes suck it up and pay the bill.

We have different roles in different phase of our lives that sometimes put some level limits to what risk you can take to make a change. Would not it be nice if we can make that decision without a financial factor and pursue the things that really matter to you? Would not it be nice if I no longer work on things for money, I work on them because I enjoy the journey to realize my life vision?

2. I want to give my kids great opportunities

I moved to the United States before I had kids from China. Despite of overall economy situation in the entire country back then, I am lucky enough to be raised by two parents who are highly educated and made sure that they supported me for all the educations I wanted to pursue. They are not wealthy by any standard, but they had a vision that their children can build better lives and they are willing to support it at any cost. I came to the U.S. to get my MBA degree without a student loan because my parents spent their lifelong savings to get me where I wanted. That was the way I was raised, responsible for your kids and provide them with the great opportunities within reach.

I want to respect what my kids want in their lives and want them to know that I will stand by their choices. I believe that to take care of your own children is the very first basic to contribute to the society. A society is like a human body that is made of many cells. Each family is like a cell. If each cell works hard to do the best in raising children with good value and direction, the overall society will be healthier too.

3. I want to support my family so that they can be financially worry free

Ideally I would like to provide for my parent and family members as well so that they can be like me in the future one day, make good decision without letting money holding them back. My family helped me in a great deal to pave the foundation and there is no doubt that I want to be there for them.


4. I want to help others to reach financial freedom, especially women who are lacking for experience in financial management. I want to create more opportunities for those who need help to start the journey

Wealth is a mysterious concept when you are in financial struggles. I want to bring my thoughts to those who are intimated by finances and help to gain confidence in managing financials. I believe each one of us is capable of building wealth if we are in touch with the right concept and believe in it. Skills can be easily acquired, but to believe that there are enough wealth you can be part of and fundamentally shift the definition of active, passive incomes and debt are the first step. This world is not a zero-sum game when it comes to wealth. We can all win.

When I look back to the days I just arrived America without any support and guidance, one thing I really wished was some mentor who could guide me when I needed. It took me very long time to understand a lot of dynamics that I could learn much faster should I have someone to open the door for me. I want to be that person to open the door for many others especially women who is lacking for the confidence in finances and show them, step by step, the right concept about money and right approach that makes sense and can be implemented.

If I am rich, I will be able to direct even more resources to what I am passionate about, helping others to generate wealth.

5. I want to explore different culture, different parts of world

I am a travel lover. I enjoy the scenery, I enjoy talking to different culture people, I enjoy to see people in all over the world with different style and customs. Travel is one thing I want to do more and more, so if I am rich, I certainly will be able to afford more travels.

6. I want to help this world to be a better place through supporting good causes

There is nothing more than devoted time and resources to support a good cause that can catch my attention to rich people. I have a lot of respects to those who don’t view fortune as a personal property, rather view it as a trust from society. There are so much you can help to change and do through the wealth you have. I want to be rich so that I can have more opportunities to contribute and give back. When I am wealthy, I can allocate my time per my desire and spend my fortune per my desire. I can make more contributions to those in need. I am excited that I am doing today within my limited resources, but the richer I get, the more I can do.

So here you have it. My reasons of wanted to be wealthy. With these long term vision, I can be more determined to work my day to day towards a meaningful life, which makes everything I do mean so much more and the joy of each small accomplishment becomes an incentive to keep going. Each effort and accomplishment become more meaningful and motivational.

Yes, we still need some skill sets, resources to reach to the final destination. However, the journey of getting wealthy is becoming a much more enjoyable path that put us to right track when things don’t go as expected. Vision is a starting point before actions. I understand how important to know what to execute and many people are against “visionary” talk, but in personal finance, vision sets the tone of how you value your action that is impacting your financial outcomes.

Tell me about your vision for your life and where you want to go financially?

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