3 easy things to do in making impact to gender equality

March is women’s history month. We have come a long way to today’s awareness to women rights and equality. While a signficant progress was made, we still are in a society that there are strong objection to it. How to make our future better so that each March from now on can be an improved memories for women and men?

It was quite phenomenal to see how both men and women involved into discussion on improving women equality during an CFA association event . Event was partnered with a few distributors including Thunderbird school of global management, which is where I earned my MBA. Joann Lublin, who wrote a book “Earning It” that highlighted stories of many successful women in their lives at one time about fighting for women equality, gave a speech. Listening to those stories have made me give a lot of thoughts to this topic. Lots of us have worked diligently to get ahead in our lives and sometimes when we look back, we can’t help but wonder, would our lives be somewhat different if someone have given advises to us at the time. While today’s women continue to shape the world and future, here are 3 things we could do to make your impact in women equality:

Highlight female leadership equal to male. There is no sub-ordinary when it comes to female leadership. Recognize women leaderships at the same level as male ones. Never take a conscious decision to minimize achievement of female leaders.

Support the good cause. Support the organizations and companies that support women leadership, work environment and encourage women to be confident in their ability.

Share your voice. Whether it is to your own daughter or your community, any voice is a voice to make and to be heard, big or small. Share your story, encourage women in your lives to think equal. When you are struggling, talk to other women and get motivated and encouraged through a support system. If you make a voice, it will be powerful and heard. What can be more powerful than all women united for the same good cause.

My friends in Simple Wealth For Women community, your daily action matters and your voice matters. We are the network who can help women’s history to be brighter for ourselves and our kids. We will help each other to be stronger and support each other to be treated fair. You will be amazed how your actions actually make powerful impacts.

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