How to demonstrate critical soft skills on your resume and in interviews

Resume is the first paper your recruiters look at to get a feel of your experience and qualification. Degrees, majors, years of experiences, titles, managed business size, you name it. Along those clear and specific matrix, your recruiters also read between the lines and look for the qualifications that are hard to describe in exact words and awards, soft skills. Are you self motivated, do you own critical thinking, are you truly a problem solver, are you looking beyond for business results?

How do you demonstrate soft skills, which are evaluated with more and more importance in today’s job seeking process, in your resume and interview?

Determine the key soft skills you own. Whether you have a strong curiosity, or you are good with people even though your specialty is engineer. Think about your strength. By recognizing your soft skills can help me to find positions that are better fit to your personality.

Think of accomplishments that not only your specialty but your soft skills played a role in the success. Did you manage a project that was in stalk until you applied your critical thinking skills to turn it around? Did you surprised your peers by showing data analysis in a compliance discussion? List those stories and how the situation was and how your soft skills turned it around.

Highlight soft skill keywords into your resume and story line in interview. Your resume should at least have one bullet point under each position to highlight your soft skill. When you are looking for an engineer position, chances are there are many other engineers showing the similar hard skill, your soft skill is how you differentiate yourself and adds that extra qualifications to it. Speak one of your stories to highlight the accomplishment of leveraging soft skill will bring an unexpected outcome.

At last, when you work to your strength and skills you are good, you are happier and more motivated, which are important in driving to your success. So don’t let your skills go unnoticed. They can be the key ingredient to next career advancement.

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