Ready, set and ... How to follow through your ideas to achieve financial success

You are in debt that you desperately want to be out. You set a goal to early retire. You picture yourself to build a successful business for yourself. You desired to start working on something you truly love and believe that you have the talent to bring it to fruition.

You had a vision, an ambition, you watched many motivational speeches to pump yourself up and felt that you will be doing it fiercely. You even had a plan laid out and listed things you need to get into.

Then three months went by, you found yourself in exact the same place. You could not find any spare time to execute. All the routine activities take over your nights and weekends that you simply could not stop. You felt guilty, but everything seemed reasonably delayed with some valid excuses, though, deep down that you are frustrated and wonder when will be the right time to turn your ambitions or goals into execution and implementation.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Many people had many good ideas and dreams, they felt ready and even set, but then stop short at “go”. Unfortunately, dream is only dream. Without operation and following through, dream is only an empty and meaningless idea.

We are living in a creative world with many creative ideas. World is always evolving. There are no lack of ideas, which is the biggest advantages to many entrepreneurs. The reason there are only some entrepreneurs be successful and achieve their goals is because of execution and implementation.

So how you to make sure you can follow through your ideas to achieve your goals?

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1.Strong believe in your ideas

Be confident about your ideas, but understand it is just an idea before you operationalize it. While anticipating the difficulties and obstacles, you believe that your idea has an incremental value to the targeted audience that is unique. Your ideas don’t need to solve the wold hunger problem, but it is good enough to make people lives easier, therefore bringing value.

Your idea can be as simple as paying off your debt. You understand there must be compromise (which I don’t know why we even call it compromise if you already splurged on things you did not earn to pay unless it is student loan). You are confident that you will bring yourself out of debt so that you can move onto saving and investment phase of financial freedom.

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2.Have a specific plan

You might already have a plan. You want to pay off that debt, build that business. If your plan only stay at vision or goal level, you will be pondering where to start. Be more specific in the plan, even if it is the beginning of the plan.

List your debts, understand the interest rates. Take a look at your income and necessary expense. If you believe $100 is what you can squeeze to pay down the debt, pay that debt before spending on anything other than “necessary spend”.

List things you need to build a business. A store, a website, a poster, contents you want to have to kick off, customers you need to build relationship with. Categorize the needs into product, marketing and sales. Tackle them one by one.

3.Have a timeline for each step of the plan.

One key element when building the specific plan is to have a timeline especially for items that are under your control. When do you want website to go live, when does your product to be ready. Who and when a conversation should be done?

Write all the things done, set an expected completion time and then reverse engineer the steps and timeline.

Putting a comprehensive plan together will help to exam all elements needed to bring an idea to operation. It will uncover the details and requirements you have not thought of.

4.It takes re-prioritize your life and a team to realize your ideas

If you don’t expect to sacrifice and meet difficulties when you start execution, you are in the wrong place to even have a dream.

You need people that matter to you the most to be in your corner. So have the conversations and jointly make the priorities aligned. It might take your spouse to take care of children more days of the week, it might take your parents to agree to the disagreement. The more you communicate upfront, the better expectations you set, the more likely you will stay on the path.

If your goal is to pay off debt, the agreement to downsize all spending is essential to people impacted. Show the ambition and long term benefit by understand short term sacrifice. Truth of the matter is, if you have debt as a family, there should not be any unnecessary spend to start with.

5.Set no excuse mentality

If you have a plan and had necessary conversations, literally you are running out of any excuses. Success, in most cases, takes persistence and hard work. Put in the work and execute. Firmly cut down the expenses, choose alternatives in lifestyle, deliver debt payment on time. Along the way, celebrate the small wins.

6.Remind yourself that obstacles are simply small setbacks to your success.

You will meet difficulties and obtacles, but you are smart enough to know any success takes setbacks. Check your emotions at the door and view each obstacle as an opportunity to exam your plan and see if you need to find an alternative to allow you stay on the path.

Remember there is no short cut and forget what other people’s lives might seem to you

Sometimes we watched other people’s lives, either on the screen or in real life, everything seems easy that makes you wonder, why your path is so difficult and long. There is really no short cut. Different people might have different worries, concerns and lifestyles.

When it comes to financials, hard work is the most reliable ladder to climb.

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