How to make quick cash while helping to clean up your finance

Are you losing sleep on your debt, or a sudden car repair bill? Do you feel panic when you see a bill in the mail? Picturing yourself to be able to manage emergency without feeling over-stressed, instead you might not even remember it happened in a month. We all want that financial comfortableness and to focus on important aspects in life consistently. We all desire to be able to manage unexpected expenses and have sufficient retirement funds available.

While reaching financial freedom takes hard work and a long tough journey, there are things you can do to get yourself started immediately. It is a quick cash not only you can make fast, but also to help you clean up your finances at the same time.

As I thrive to bring debt free and investment knowledge to my audience, “Quick” or “Fast” don’t usually appear in my language. Too many people think that they can be rich overnight, or get depressed when first business adventure failed. Building wealth does not equal to searching for a shortcut in life. It takes motivation, willing to learn and execute, more importantly, willing to trade off leisure as well as preparing to fail mentality to get there. It can be a hard, long and lonely path especially when you just started.

Having said above, I want to show you two things you can start off right away to make quick cash, not in large amount, but might be good enough to pay part of debt, or help you to kick start.

Garage sale: If you are financially stressed and don’t know where to even start in turning around your finances, this could be a best first action to take.

More often than not, lots of people who are trapped into debt or affordability of basics are buying too many things in life, that take time and money to maintain and add no value to the future. To clean out your inventory and smartly organize them in a way to maximize payout in sales is a great way to, not only bring spaces to your life, but releasing yourself from taking care of things that don’t matter, or even worse, are barriers to your success.

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Do the followings to help maximize your garage sales:

  1. Categorize your sales: toys to sell cheap or collections to aim higher bid. Put them on a list and categorize.

  2. Search for the market availability: check out ebay, amazon, other garage sales nearby to see what is out there. You have freedom to name your price if they are not available in the markets within reach.

  3. Smartly choose sale date: pick a day in those popular months, which normally fall in months that have the best weather. People don’t want to pick up something that they don’t know what to expect in a 110 degree sweaty summer.

  4. Offer free water or lemonade: hospatality is important to keep customers patient in search of thousands of your list.

  5. Story telling: for things that you have a story to tell that could resonate with buyers, tell them in a casual conversation. People go to garage sales mostly for two reasons, cheap buys or find things with a story. Have stories ready and speak about it in a non-sales push. Make stories add value to buyers, not use it to force a sale.

  6. Joint garage sale with neighbors: the bigger the garage sale, the more likely people will come by. See if you can find some neighbors to do this together with you can boost the traffic.

  7. Advertise, advertise: craigslist, street signs, word of mouth. Get the information out. Don’t forget to mention, free lemonade!

Flip and flop: it is not a secret that amazon or ebay are no longer the cheapest options. The existence of some marketplaces is driven by flexibility, search-ability and fast shipping. The convenience it offers by making a one click without driving to stores is the most attractive feature.

When you are in debt and in need of quick cash, you can leverage those convenience to flip between markets. Go to your local markets and scan the sales items, you will be surprised to see the price gap from a brick-and-motor store to an online marketplace. Grab those most pricing gaped items and start listing them right away on marketplace.

If you worry about spending money to purchase and end up with inventory without being able to sell them out, you can reverse thinking about garage sale. Find free stuff online and see them in the marketplace.

Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Check craigslist: go to “free stuff” section and look at the list of items people are willing to give away for free.

  2. Decide on the item you want to take back.

  3. Get there and pick up the stuff

  4. List it on facebook, ebay, Craigslist and/or amazon to sell

  5. When order comes through, fulfill the order

Garage sale can liberate your spirit to have a fresh start. It not only cleanse items, but cleanse your mentality and create capacity to let other ambitions kick in. Flip and flop allows you for some quick or even steady cash especially when you have basic bills to pay. It allows you be less worry about money while building a bright future. Not mention of learning what this society wants through the experience.

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