We each have a path to our financial goals. Majority of us were not born into very wealthy families and did not have the luck to get lottery. Can our family origin or luck decide that we don’t belong to wealthy category forever?

Becoming wealthy is a conscious choice you make and it is entirely up to you to stay with your choice. You, and only you can decide where you want your life to be, which in turn drives to how wealthy you will be. Contradictory to what most people think, wealth is not controlled by circumstances and fate, it is actually within your reach and up to you setting the path to reach it.

Being wealthy is a mentality. If you don’t have this mindset ready, even if you get rich, money will easily get lost because of your lack of mentality to manage it. This is why there are so many cases where lottery winners or other professionals who earned millions would end up in debt. It is because they were not ready for such wealth from mindset perspective.

Billionaire 43 years old Yusaku Maezawa, the founder of Japan online fashion site Zozo Inc., said he’s selling his notable art collection to raise money because of his high spending, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into everything from to private jet and a down payment for a ride on Elon Musk’s rocket around the moon.

"Yes, I have no money. I spend it so quickly,”. Yusaku said.

There are two major obstacles for some people to be less confident about their ability to create wealth.

1.Those who believe money is a zero sum game, therefore, rich gets richer and there is not enough left for non-rich to become rich.

Wealth is unlimited. If you made a choice and work for it, you will find that you can earn money in many way. It is very abundant, not scarce.

This kind of people typically have excuses for almost every opportunity or circumstance because they don’t believe that fortune is within reach, rather they believe wealth is out of control and don’t belong to them.

People in this category don’t have much drive to work hard. They blame everything around them for screwing their lives up. They think this society is not a fair place and will never be fair. They believe it is impossible to change the circumstance. They are frustrated, confused about money.

These are the people you try to stay away because they complain and appear entitled.

Because they don’t believe wealth can be generated and there will always opportunities for more wealth, they limit themselves to a land of less chance. Wealth is not a limited game, it is unlimited and high growth game. The focus is how to get yourself to play this game with determination.

2. Those who believe that what they are making today is near best they could make, which is far from being rich. They believe being rich requires many things that they don’t have, like money, family background or high education etc.

People in this category is low risk taker. They worry about losing what they have today (which is not a lot) and refuse to take a leap of faith in life. Nervous is what you can find quite often in them. They say things that are safe and forgettable because they don’t want to jeopardize anything or anyone in life that could change anything in the fear of making less money because of saying wrong words or taking wrong action.

People who believe money is unlimited and it is up to themselves to decide how rich they get will always attract money. They don’t mind to work hard and there is no time to think about anything that is not in their control, because there is nothing out of their control.

Looking at all those self made billionaires, especially those with nothing from family or background to build onto, it is hard for them to be billionaire if they believe money is limited to the point there is nothing left for them to grab, or stay with existing situation.

What are the 3 steps to re-set your mentality about money?

First, let past become past and start it today.

Yes you might see young wealthy people and feel that you have wasted all your life. What happened in the past does not matter. Today and tomorrow matter. You might have to work hard to clean up some mess you made in the past, but it can be done. In fact, it is simple to clean it up if you start it today.

Second, being rich is not the same as being cheap.

You can build a life while reaching to wealthy status. Being wealthy is not asking you to be cheap, rather it is about prioritizing your happiness. Understand what you want to get out of your life and what matters to you the most. Make your spend in proportion to those that make you happy the most. You will be surprised, every often it is not about material things. People don’t get much of happiness out of material stuff. A lot of times it is about relationship, family, goal accomplishments, gaining access to other cultures etc.

Number one rewarding spend is experience. Paying for an experience either through travel, participation or even going to a movie or concert might get you more lasting memory than a spontaneous spend on something that crash your already full closet.

Last, do what wealth do.

Stop creating more debt, have a pay down debt plan, have a budget and track to your budget. Whenever you have an urge to create more debt, remember this:

Money is not a number, it is power.

The moment you create a debt, you are giving power to other people to control your life.

They moment you pay off your debt, you are in power to control to your life.

The moment you have enough money to make choices to your life, you gain the power of choice and you decide the way you live your life to the best of your liking.

Avoid one misconception: Work hard but know that work does not equal to money.

Working hard might provide a good job security (sometimes it does not), but being wealthy is not about working hard. You only have 24-7 and if you expect that your working hard is the reason to get wealthy, then your wealth is going to be limited.

How much does Bill Gates makes each hour? Take a look at table below:

Source: Quora

Source: Quora

How much does laundry cleaner employee make? $10-$12/hour.

Do both of them work hard? Yes.

Why their income can be completely different? The difference lies in passive income.

The journey to get wealthy is the journey of building a system to make your money work for you. However, the first step to this journey is for you to decide, do you want to get wealthy? Are you determined to get rich?

If the answer is yes, your action will follow.

Final Thoughts: Make a decision of being rich and stay with the decision no matter what.

Having a decision made of being rich is not hard, but staying with decision of being rich takes prices. It requires your mentality change as well as actions to follow. Only a small portion of people can stick with their plans, so if you are motivated enough to cross that mountain, you will be part of the 1 percent or 5 percent. The obstacles are not out of control, they are very much within your reach and control.

If you actually read this far, I am happy for you because we will be meeting each other in future discussions as we are on the same path.

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