Crush Your Debt


Debt, the most accepted and dangerous obstacle to building wealth for American, is continuing its growth without slowing down. Debt has become a life norm as a vehicle to lead us to a better life. It allows us to own a car, a home and many other believed to be necessities. No one in your life to be surprised that you have a debt and debt is so normal that the majority (56%) said that debt has “low” or “no impact” on their ability to achieve financial security. 

Now allow me to be very bluntly here. How many people around you who owes higher and higher debt each year accomplished their financial paradise? Most of them will forever in debt. You probably will argue that the debt will be paid off at some point. A 2017 study from Experian and, 73 percent of consumers had outstanding debt when they were reported deceased. More disturbingly, credit cards tied mortgages as the leading source of debt, spiking from 19% to 25%.

Out of so many downsides to indebtedness, losing your life options and limiting yourself about what you can accomplish, in another word, no financial freedom is the fundamental reason we need to crush our debt.

I came from almost nothing in pocket to attend a school that spent more than what my family could have earned lifetime in American school. Being smart about debt and make responsible spend paved road to my investment world. Let me help you to have a clear understanding as to how to look at debt and crush it to bring debt free to you. Once you are debt free, fresh air running through your body will bring you a whole new perspective and you are so much closer to an ultimate financial freedom.


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