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The mystery of why women are less likely to invest in the stock market than men has baffled the investment industry for a very long time. Women nowadays are more independent, knowledgeable, and have the same access to information as men - yet when it comes to investment, women tend to believe either it is a "man's job" or feel intimidated by the complications of the market or the expense associated to learn about it.

There is no doubt that investment can be very complicated and intimidating. If you hand your investment decisions over to a fund manager, you then have the stress of the fees involved. I am here to help you gain an understanding of investment in stock markets, real estate or a side hustle by introducing simple approach as you choose. I don’t believe in complicated investment ideas because I believe the only person who makes money in a complicated investment vehicle is the person who created it in the first place. I am not an asset manager. I don't offer services for fees. I am just a woman who is enthusiastic about investment, having invested for the past 20 years with great outcomes and experiences to share.

Still doubting your ability of managing your own destiny of financials, here is a great news to share. Data from both Fidelity and Openfolio have found that female investors outperformed male investors last year by 0.3%, and women outdid men over the past decade. Women have topped men every year for the past three years. Women are just as good if we put on some focus to it. Growing our wealth can lead us to a life we deserve, not a life we settle.

So let's talk about investment and make some money.

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