Today please allow me to Motivate your heart…

A little girl riding the bicycle going to school in dawn. It had been a cold winter day with some snow flying down her face. The road was familiar as she had been on it for years by now. She tucked into her coat as much as she could to keep her body warm. It took about 30 minutes before she arrived. As usual, she was the first few students arriving school. College entry exam day is only a few months away. To study hard and get into a good college was the only way of her seeing big world, which she had dreamed but only learned some through books.

She wanted to see the big world…

but it felt so… far away for a small town girl whose family worked hard just to have food on the table.

That girl was me.

Out of thousand students in the same city trying to go to college, I was one of dozen students applied out of town colleges thousands miles away, and I were on the list.

Mixed with excitement and worry what life was ahead, I arrived a brand new city to start a brand new life. Leaving behind of old friends and family, not knowing how to establish or where to start in a new big city.

I dived into it anyway. Soon after I started to love the college, love the new friends, love my first job.

Then, my dream got bigger.

I wanted to see the world outside of my country…

After a few years working for an American bank, I was very eager to see what the outside world of my country looked like. I had been curious in my life. The desire of seeing even bigger world got bigger. I thought the best thing to do next was to get into a graduate school in America while learning to speak the language and skills. After days and nights of GMAT and TOEFL studies, I arrived at my dream graduate school.

First day and week in new city and new country was confusing and exciting at the same time. I hardly understood anything anyone was saying and had hard time to even find food to cook because of the unfamiliarity society from where I came from.

I started feeling the big pressure. Money was an issue. The money I had was not much left after tuition.

With small incomes from being research assistant and teaching assistant at school, I was trying my best in making decisions among spending choices I had without going broke. I did not go to many social events in order to avoid the pressure of buying drinks, skipped exchange student opportunities due to higher living expense. I spent some money on couple of license exams like CPA and CFA, because I thought it could help me eventually land a job.

People say, as a first generation immigrant, you won’t go too far. There are way too many barriers you have to overcome, communications, culture gap and money. There is no family support and you are completely on your own. The best bet is to give a good future to your children by stop chasing your own dream.

I did not know what to believe, but I knew I wanted more. I studied hard, worked even harder. I wanted to accomplish the dream that little girl had.

Then life threw me a completely different task. I became a single mother. It was very difficult to say the least. Taking care of infants while managing a job and court hearings were extremely challenging. Custody case was a constant come back. I was exhausted and only tried to go by each day. Having just lost my dad, I could not get my family over to support me. With the minimal support, if I was not strong enough, I would be losing job. The fear of homeless was looming.

There were many days I had just enough energy to feed my children, but no time to feed myself.

There were days when I woke up, I wondered when I ever could gain control to my life.

It was overwhelming. For a long time, I did not know if I could turn things around as my expense was bleeding through my income.

I was not making my financial planning the right way, I spent money on things that were in wrong priorities, I was not building incomes to make money on money…

I wish I could hire myself today as a coach for me back then…

But deep down, I knew I was that girl wanted to see the world and felt the world had so much to offer. I did not believe this was all life offers.

Sometimes if challenges in life don’t beat you down, they actually make you stronger.

I became even more determined. Figuring out the ways of learning language, working extra hard and smart in my jobs, creating systems for my household to control my finances…

Then along the way, I got rid of my debt, I sped up my mortgage payments, I learned to invest and formed my own way of picking out the stocks…

Life has changed Since then

I no longer struggle to put food on the table. I had a roof above my head.

Then I thought, what about those who are still in situation as I was in?

I wish I had someone (someone like me now) who could lift me, guided me and showed me a direction and motivated me when I was so down. Looking back, I knew I made mistakes and could have made life easier and get to success faster.

Going through those experience also made me know how it felt and gave me that strong connections with those in similar phase of life.

I want to tell you, you can do it. Look at me now! After all the predicaments, I know there is a way out. I want you to get there as fast as you can. You are you, not like anyone else. The only you, who is different than anyone else, grants that unique and differentiated talent that can make you successful. I am here to tell you this and give you tips so that you can make some shortcuts, but you are the reason for your accomplishment, it is all you!

Building wealth is a mentality. It is not about numbers, it is about where your life is going and where you want your life to go. It is simple and absolutely reachable, although not easy sometimes. Fly high, and once you get there, no one can touch you. You are free!

You Can make it happen. You can do it.

Show them “nothing is impossiblE”.

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